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Parent Pastor is a podcast all about the dual call to Christian ministry and to parenting. Sometimes it seems like there's not enough time in the day to love our families, our congregations, and our God adequately, and we're right there with you.  We celebrate our wins, commiserate in our failures, and laugh along the way.

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Kris Mares

Kris is a Jesus follower, racing wife and mom of seven. She is a UMC Provisional Elder that serves a dual role - a small rural church and as a district coordinator of missional engagement. She is also the reigning Charlotte Motorspeedway Faster Pastor! After the kids are all in bed, Kris loves crime dramas and Hallmark movies. But really, she's just trying to live a life worthy of her callings.

Matt Anderson

Manderson is the pastor of West Lafayette UMC in West Lafayette, Ohio.  He is married to Pamela and has two sons, Justus and Silas. In his free time Manderson likes to watch college football (especially Alabama Football), baseball, and play fantasy football. He loves all things weenie dogs, Hermione and Clementine are his two doxies. He loves to bake and also tries his hand at woodworking. 

Jonathon Bevil

Bevil is the pastor at Lakewood UMC in North Little Rock Arkansas.  He is married to Missy and has two daughters, Sophia and Emma. In his down time, Bevil loves reading about Bigfoot and making wood mosaics.


Matt Stout

Matt is the pastor at Alpha UMC in Bloomingdale, Georgia.  He's Sara Beth's husband and the dad to Ruthie, Olivia, and Roger.  When he's not busy parenting or pastoring, he's usually geeking out over superhero movies or the X-wing Miniatures Tabletop Game.