Episode 2: Sports, Family, and Church

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“Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours” by Dr Kevin Leman

Is It Wise To Specialize?


This week we’re welcoming Matt Anderson as our special guest.  Matt’s a pastor in Ohio and father of two boys.  He’s joining us to talk about the intersection of athletics and the church.

Parenting Fail Segment

Topic of the Week:

Sports/Activities conflicting with church

  • The Pros of heavy sports involvement
  • The Cons of heavy sports involvement
  • Reframe this as a discipleship issue

As pastors, how we interact with people who greatly value athletics matters. Those convos matter: either they will feel guilty and interact more with sports & less with the Body of Christ OR they will feel appreciated & be encouraged to make being with the Body of Christ more of a priority in their lives.  We don’t need to frame this as ‘church VS sports’ but rather, discipling our people and our kids in how to live out their priorities, even when it’s hard.  Sometimes that means the team and the mission field will take priority, sometimes that means the church will.

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