Episode 1: Introductions and Identity


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Introduce Ourselves:

  • How Stout & Bevil Met
  • Describe Family, # of Kids, Names
  • Pastor Backgrounds

Perspective of Life & Podcast Framework:

Four identities/roles that we find ourselves in

  • Child of God 1st
  • Then Spouse
  • Parent
  • Finally Pastor

Why This Matters:

  • St. Augustine: “Rightly ordered life”
  • Our relationships affect all others - Let’s just name that instead of denying it
  • Lynn: “I tried everything I could to be a successful pastor, but I wasn’t a successful person.”
  • Part of what we want to do as pastors is to help God usher in the wholeness of his kingdom into the world.  But if we’re contributing to the brokenness of the world by neglecting or harming our own kids (and wives), then we’re shooting our own mission in the foot.

Fails and Wins

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