Episode 19: VBS


We're all either winding down from or gearing up for VBS this week, so we talk about all things VBS.  Problem students, tired volunteers, and everything that makes VBS a challenge and a joy. Listen now:




Parenting Fail Segment

Manderson - On Edge most of the week; Blew Up at my niece

Stout - Driving Directions Deep Fear

Bevil - Pre & Post VBS Fails


Topic of the Week: VBS Debriefing


VBS when your kid’s are participating



  • Sophie cried, because she couldn’t be a disciple in storytelling skit
  • Those Who Under-Lead & Over-Lead
  • Helping, not Hindering, the Leadership of the Children Minister
  • Singing & dancing silly helps facilitate an attitude of openness to later disciple kids
  • VBS 2016 Tweetable Mention: “Butt-sweat is a real thing.”



  • VBS is such a great ministry, because it introduces our church to new families in a fun way.
  • But it throws my kids WAY off their sleep schedule
  • Volunteers seem over taxed
  • How do you effectively discipline kids that are not only not your kids, but don’t even go to your church?
  • I frequently find VBS curriculum to be terrible



  • Great experiences thus far (Salem and NRUMC)
    • Daytime VBS 9am-Noon (haven’t had nighttime)
    • Volunteer struggle
  • Had a baby during VBS Last year. People stepped up for us. Good stuff.


Parenting Win Segment

Manderson - Good Day Off; Garage Saling, McD’s, & Family Nap  

Stout - Roger Turning 1; Greatest Smile & Laugh

Bevil - VBS Win: Staff Lunch Debriefs = Necessary


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