Episode 35: Celebrating Advent with Lauren DeLano


The guys, along with our special guest Lauren Delano, dig deep into celebrating Advent, and why Advent is distinctive from the way American culture celebrates Christmas

Listen Now:

Manderson - Poop-apocalypse

Stout - Thanksgiving Trip meltdown

Bevil - Ponytail Fiasco

DeLano - Volleyball Competion.

Topic of the Week: Advent Practices in the Culture, Church, & Home

How does our culture view and interact with the Christmas holiday?

What's distinctive about celebrating Advent in our homes?

What content & practices are we using in our churches?

Parenting Win Segment

Manderson - Pamm and I’s Communication at Thanksgiving

Stout - Rodger is now a walker! Happy Birthday Olivia!! Ruthie nominated as Student of the Month!!!

Bevil - Decorating for Christmas

DeLano - Star of Wonder Responses

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