Episode 49: Worship Leadership


When did you know God was calling you into leading worship?

How do you define worship? How do you define what you do?

Manderson- How do you balance performance vs. worship leadership?

What are some of your experiences from leading worship in different denominations?

Stout - How do you develop a church culture that attracts musicians?

How do kids play into worship on Sundays?

How do you see / understand God wanting to use you to lead others in worship?

What are you working on now in your context? With your worship team?

What are you currently most excited about God wanting to do next in your life and the lives of those in your context?

Wins & Fails

Manderson: Bad Week

Bevil: Reading at the Dinner Table

Stout: TV Fail

Kenn: Come to Christ Moment

Trenton: Spend Less Device Time at Home

Matt Stout