Episode 55: Stewardship with Chris Brown


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In this kickoff episode of Season 3, we sit down with Chris Brown of the Dave Ramsey company about stewardship.  Both how to lead our congregations and how to lead our families in stewarding our finances well.  It's a great conversation!  We're thrilled to be back!

Tell us how stewardship - both personal and church wide - became your ministry passion?

How do you define stewardship?

Is there a better term we can use than “stewardship” for our folks?

What’s the connection between raising money and accomplishing our mission as a church?

What’s the best approach when motivating people to give individually, small group setting, and from the pulpit?

A question I hear many pastors ask is “should I tithe my salary to the local church that pays me? What about if I serve 2 churches?” How would you answer that? How is poor stewardship holding pastors back from fully living into their calling?

Say I’m a pastor who hasn’t focused much on stewardship or am just stuck. What advice would you give me to light a fire in me to focus my attention more on it and motivate me?

Since this is the Parent Pastor podcast, how might we go about teaching good stewardship to our children?

Matt Stout